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1.Please abide by the laws and regulations,and relevant safety regulations ,and respect the local customs.

2.Please respect history,protect cultural relics and ecological environment.No Littering.

3.Please visit with civility and abide by public order ,do not chase and horseplay and make noise .

4.Please take sightseeing car with civility,no pushing or scrambling. Please give priority to the elderly,Children and lady.

5. Please protect public property,do not damage the facilities of scenic areas,graffiti and scribble,pick flowers and climb sculpture.

6. Please consume in regular stores and do not buy the Unauthentic product.

7. Please pay attention to food hygiene, prevent and Avoid food poisoning.

8. Please keep your belongings and valuables properly.Be Aware of Pickpockets.

9. Go to the staff for help if you are in any difficulty

Welcome to Red Holy Land-Beautiful Gutian


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